New Cabin Build

We realized very early on that we needed a fish cleaning shack so, Pat, Sheryl and I put up “ The Shack” on the beach in mid June and Stacey got it stained for us in July. This is a must for getting out of the elements to deal with cleaning dinner!

 The new cabin construction started in August, when Uncle Marty, Jason, Aiden, Dustin, Dawson, Stacey and myself flew in and got started. Picking the perfect location was the hardest part but I think we nailed it!  Construction got under way and went into September when Mom and Dad came in to give us a hand. The new cabin will sleep 6, has electricity wired in and is set up with a full kitchen. The view over the North bay is outstanding!

 We are looking forward to the upcoming winter haul, and will be bringing in materials to build our new shower house, as well as another new cabin. Stay tuned for more pictures!!


2 0 1 9   BUILD


2 0 1 9   B U I L D

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