A lot has happened in here in the last few years, and we have built a ton of new stuff!!!

The Original cabin that was here when we bought the lodge we have named the Boreal cabin, after the Man we bought this place from. His business name was Boreal Camps and Outfitting, so we found the name very fitting. This is an incredible 3 bedroom cabin, with a big deck out front and a large living room. We have since put in power, flush toilet and a covered deck!!!

The Caribou cabin was built in 2019, and is a beautiful cabin overlooking the North bay. This cabin sleeps 6-8 guests and has a loft, Deck and planned for the fall of 2022 is an addition with a bedroom and Flush toilet.

The Perch cabin was built in the fall of 2020, and completed the spring of 2021. This cabin sits up high and overlooks the South bay. Sleeps 5 and has Flush toilet.

The " Family" Cabin is a cabin we put up for ourselves in 2020 to get us out of our tent!!! It also overlooks the South bay.

2019 BUILD


2019 BUILD


2020/2021 BUILD

Perch Cabin

2000+- BUILD

Boreal Cabin